Mission and Objective


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1. To develop medical graduates with medical knowledge in accordance with international standards, be professional doctors and help create health sustainability.

2. To promote and publicize the research work at national and international level.

3. To provide academic services in medical science to communities and society to Thai and global society

4. To be excellent management, Preserving art and culture, and aiming for sustainable social development


To develop medical graduates with the following characteristics.

  1. Have morality, ethics, and positive attitude towards profession and society.
  2. Have knowledge, capacity, and basic skills in integrated health services, covering health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and health recovery for a person, family, and community.
  3. Have the ability to analyze data and solve health problems in line with scientific process in the reasonable and inclusive manner.
  4. Have a positive attitude towards continuous learning to always update the progress of new technologies and be able to adopt technologies in the appropriate manner.
  5. Have the skills to communicate with people of all ages covering listening, speaking, and writing in both Thai and English, as well as teamwork skills.
  6. Have the ability to integrate and apply knowledge in medical and other academic fields for delivering health services, as well as good human relations skills and ability to work efficiently with other professional personnel.
  7. Have a positive attitude to keep up with social contexts, laws, regulations, and public policies that govern medical profession at present and in the future.

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